An Iconography Of Chance – Set 1


Title: An Iconography Of Chance – Set 1
Series: An Iconography Of Chance ~ 99 Photographs Of The Evanescent South
Artist: Tav Falco
Material: museum quality gelatin silver handprints on baryta paper
Size: 60×50 cm / 30×24 cm
Signature: handsigned
Numbered: yes
Edition: 5 copies (60×50 cm) / 10 copies (30×24 cm)
Year: 2020
Conditions: mint


First of the 11 sets composing the series ‘An Iconography Of Chance ~ 99 Photographs Of The Evanescent South’

82 Miles to West Memphis, Arkansas
Only 82 miles more to go to reach the modern amenities and asylum of the West Memphis Motel. The oasis is set in an elongated strip of motels, chicken shacks, gas stations, and truculent bar rooms.

St. Francis River, Arkansas
Looking upstream on the Saint Francis River that waters the farmlands of eastern Arkansas. Caddo Indians once navigated the majestic rivulet in canoes. In the deep shade of the thicket of cypress trees to starboard, their discontent spirits can be seen marching single file in mute and disgruntled moccasins.

Thrall Tavern, Texas
The corrugated aluminium clad Thrall Tavern is a haven for bob truck drivers on the road to Longview, Texas. The bistro is open from dusk to dawn and what goes on behind its barred windows defies even the most feral imagination in that every act known to man is possible here.

Hub Caps, Louisiana
Before a wall of their formally exhibited brethren, a tawdry and obfuscated pile of hubcaps lie like Chinese coins tossed to conjure the vagaries of the I Ching. The curator of this theatre piece added to the heap a tumped-over ceramic toilet throne that further iterates the avant garde quiddité of the tableau.

William Eggleston garters, Memphis
A paradigm of haberdashery is favored by the gentleman in repose. In this instance the garters acquired on Saville Row adorn the forelegs of a favorite son of the South and poet of the camera, William J. Eggleston. Old-Fashioned bourbon cocktails, a pack of Winstons, and a sultry evening in the kitchen of the manor house are the rudiments of good breeding.

Honky Tonk – RL Burnside, Como, Mississippi
Dancing at the Brotherhood Sportsman’s Lodge far out in the boondocks behind Como, Mississippi. There are dice tumbling in a leather dice horn, chicken frying in a big iron shillet, and girls turning tricks in the back room while hatchet-faced revellers sway to the drone of electric blues. Rural Burnside, the artist with the guitar, has just returned to the lodge from a week of sharecropping in the surrounding cotton fields. The busy life of a farm hand affords little time for laundering one’s pants.

Preacher – Court Square, Memphis
A sanctified preacher is testifying the gospel of God in Christ in the gazebo of Court Square in downtown Memphis. Behind the deacon is seated an electric guitar player who provides rhythmic syncopation to drive the lyrical exhortations.

Marcia & Friend, Memphis
In a parking lot Marcia, a sylph of the wind, has found her long lost cohort under the fuzzy pimp’s hat. They complement each other ineluctably in aura and in design.

Majorette, Memphis
Nothing like a baton twirling, silk-hosed, cowboy boot stomping femme fatale to arouse bestial instincts amongst nocturnal carousers. Memphis bars are loaded with such creatures of the night.

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60×50 cm, 30×24 cm


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