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Opalio Brothers’ works have been exhibited alongside artists such as Christian Marclay, Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, John Cage, William S. Burroughs, Raymond Pettybon, to name a few.

MY CAT IS AN ALIEN (MCIAA) is the duo of radical, experimental instantaneous composers and visual artists formed by brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio in 1998. They live and work between Torino, Italy and a secret location in the Western Alps.
MCIAA act through music, shamanic live audiovisual performance, painting and drawing, photography, “cinematic poetry” films, installation, poetry, phonographic art editions and artists’ books.
MCIAA’s massive, poetic, phylosophical and iconoclastic body of work–claimed as “future, future, future” by critic and writer David Keenan–earned them the cover of The Wire magazine.
The visual aspect in MCIAA’s music aesthetics is of primary importance; they released more than 200 records with artworks featuring Roberto Opalio’s “Alien Cat” logo and the iconic figure of the “Alien”.
MCIAA collaborated (live and on records) with vanguards including Sonic Youth, Christian Marclay, Keiji Haino, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Z’ev, Nels Cline, Mats Gustafsson, Loren Connors among many.
MCIAA’s visual works have been exhibited alongside artists such as Christian Marclay, Mike Kelley, Raymond Pettybon, Gerhard Richter, Matt Groening, George Maciunas, Richard Prince, Gus Van Sant, Gerard Malanga, Tacita Dean, Vito Acconci, John Cage, W. S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Jonas Mekas, to name a few. MCIAA took part to “Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix” art exhibition (2008-2010).
Roberto Opalio designed an exclusive Art T-shirt for The Wire, and in 2015 MCIAA founded Divinités Irritées, publishing their own intermedia books.
In 2017 MCIAA opened the 57th Venice Art Biennale for Xavier Veilhan’s French Pavilion.
MCIAA’s first art catalog ‘My Cat Is An Alien. The other sound of art’ was published the same year; their visual works have been acquired by the ANS (Archive of New Writing) for Mart (Rovereto) and Museion (Bolzano) museums, alongside Futurists, Fluxus artists and works by John Cage, Andy Warhol, Duchamp, Piero Manzoni, Hermann Nitsch, Man Ray.
In 2018 MCIAA celebrate their own 20th anniversary along Thurston Moore’s 60th birthday releasing the collaborative 7” flexi disc ‘PoesiaSonorAlienica’.
In 2019 MCIAA began their third decade of activity baptizing their new music and artistic phase “SPIRITUAL NOISE” and launched a new series of intermedia vinyl+artbook releases, with original jacket design.