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It’s hard to imagine a harder working or more prolific musician than Kawabata Makoto

Since 1978 Makoto Kawabata has been the leader of Acid Mothers Temple, a group which seems to be in a constant state of movement, whilst also finding time for playing solo and with many bands and projects, often in collaborations such as Acid Mothers Gong (with Daevid ALLEN and Gilli SMYTH), Acid Mothers Guru Guru (with Mani NEUMEIER), as well as performances and recordings with luminaries of the deep global underground like Simeon of Silver Apples, Damo SUZUKI (ex.CAN), J.F. Pauvros, Keiji Haino, etc.

Acid Mothers Temple has also changed their name when they collaborate with members of other bands (see: Acid Mothers Gong, Acid Mothers Afrirampo and Acid Mothers Guru Guru) or when Kawabata receives “a transmission” from his own cosmos (Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno). On the Acid Mothers Temple website, Kawabata simply states: “Groups exist because I feel a necessity for them. Once that necessity has gone they go on hold or I break them up.”