artist profile

„..the man makes some damn charming music.“  (pitchfork)

1968: born in Bremen
1978: Beginning of classical guitar training
1987: Graduation (Abitur)
1988: Founding of a six-person artist working and living community ‘Li 13’ (with photo laboratory, painting studio, rehearsal room, textile workshop and poetry chamber)
1989: Studying art, music, social science and education at the University of Bremen
1989: Organizing one-night events with performance-art, exhibitions and experimental music
Publication of the free art and graphics fanzine “Miete”
1994: Move to Hanover, exhibitions in producer galleries (‘Galerie Schallschutz’, ‘Kunstraum – Wohnraum’) as well as organization of musical-artistic presentations at ‘Silke-Arp-Bricht’
1996: Final exam on ‘Interdisciplinary Art Movements and Fluxus’
1996: Move to Berlin, since then working as a freelance musician, composer and radio play maker
1998: Six-month scholarship from ‘Literarisches Colloquium Berlin’
1997: First radio play on public radio: “The confusion of your existence” (53 min/ORB)
Live radio plays with Christian Berner and Stefan Kaminski (e.g. at the ‘DeutschesTheater’)
1998: First solo EP: “Esst Obst :Blumm” (“Short pieces on small instruments”)
1999: Start of collaboration with Harald ‘Sack’ Ziegler (‘Sack Und Blumm’) with music production and mail art, releases on various Cologne labels (tomlab, staubgold, gefriem, sonig/japan)
2000: ‘Prix Europa 2000’ for “Formal Radio”
First solo releases under the name F.S.Blumm: ‘Bettvanille Weiter’ (tomlab – EP) and ‘Mondkuchen’ (morr-music CD/LP)
2001: Radio play funding from the North Rhine-Westphalia Film Foundation
Six-month stay in Italy
2002 : Stay in Zurich and feature about the saviors of the ‘Cabaret Voltaire’ around Mark Divo and dadaistic preacher Pastor Leumund (production of the feature: ‘The sea stabs back’)
2003: Manuscript funding from the North Rhine-Westphalia Film Foundation
West Coast Tour (USA, Canada and Mexico) with Eroc and Greg Davis
2004 to 2007: Various radio plays and releases of records (LP/CD)
2005: Tour with Anne Laplantine and Guido Möbius (DE/NL)
2006: Live shows in New York and first collaboration with Luca Fadda
Start of ongoing musical collaboration with Andi Otto
2008: First Japan Tour (with ‘Old Splendifolia’)
Duo with David Grubbs (concert/improvisation at the ‘Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art’ / Seville)
Beginning of ongoing musical collaboration with Ella Blixt a.k.a. Bobby Baby
Film music for ‘If one thing matters..’ ( a film about Wolfgang Tillmans) by Heiko Kalmbach (72 min) with premiere at the ‘Berlinale’
2009: Concert tour through India and Bangladesh (with ‘Bobby And Blumm’) funded by the Goethe-Institut
Film music for ‘Die Ex Bin Ich’ by Katrin Rothe (88 min.)
Music, radio play and comic projects at Freie Schule Kreuzberg (until 2012)
Broadcast: “The Adventures of the Noble Don Alfonso” (SWR / 48 min.)
2010: First duo album with Nils Frahm “music for lovers, music versus time”(sonicpieces)
2011: Conception and production of the interactive children’s audio guide for the ‘Jewish Museum Berlin’
Denmark/Germany tour with the ‘Quasi Dub Development’
2012: Various concerts at international festivals (Sonar, Fusion, Benicassim (FIB), Big Chill etc.)
2014: 2nd place at the Berlin Radio Play Festival for “Der Hörspielmacher”
Second Japan Tour (‘Springintgut and F.S.Blumm’)
Musical collaboration with Lady Ann and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
First Broadcast “Paul Browski and the monotony of Yeh-Yeh-Yeh” (SWR / 53 min.)
2015: Third Japan Tour (with ‘Bobby And Blumm’)
Concert in the large chamber music hall of the ‘Funkhaus Berlin’
1st place at the 6th Jena Radio Play Competition for “The Golden Coincidence”
Invitation from Andrea Belfi to the live implementation of ‘Moondog’ compositions
Twelfth Short-Radio-Play for DLRKutur “Formal Radio Extra Cheese Minis”
Start of ongoing musical collaboration with Ansgar Wilken and Jeff Özdemir
2016: 1st place at the 7th Berlin Radio Play Festival for
“Annette, Rolf and the need-to-talk”
Founding of the two-piece ‘Memorial Orchestra’ on the occasion of the ‘100 Years of Dada’ celebrations at ‘Cabaret Voltaire’ / Zurich with Pastor Leumund
Sound installation (12 speakers in 12 trees) at Hanover City Hall on the occasion of the city’s 775th birthday (with light artist Franz Betz)
Radio play manuscript “Silencer melody” implemented by the ensemble of the Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen (SWR / 64 min.)
2017: 1st place “Best Show” at the ‘German Radio Prize’ for the ‘Radio-Eins Radio Show’ (with permanently installed live radio play series by Berner/Schültge)
Film music for ‘Paradise Papers’ ARD (60 min.)
First F.S.Blumm solo vocal album: “Welcome” (on Karaoke Kalk)
Foley-Art performance on the ‘at-tension’ theatre festival (“A live radio play without words”)
2018: Concerts in duo with Marc Marcovic (e.g. Zionskirche Berlin and Ambientfestival Potsdam)
Start of the concert series “A mixtape played live” at ‘Ufa factory’ with ‘Jeff Özdemir & Friends’
2019: Overall musical concept for Deutschlandradio-Kultur magazine ‘Plus Eins’
Film music for ‘The Children of Utopia’ by Hubertus Siegert (84 min.)
Workshop and concert at the ‘Festival for Self-Built-Music’
Concept and performance of live radio play with ‘Ensemble Quillo’ and Ines Baumgartl (‘Wortgarten’ festival for literature and music)
Live music for the ZEBRA poetry film festival
Exhibition and performances at ‘Zwitschermaschine’ (start of the interdisciplinary series “Gegenseitig”)
Concert at the Daylight Music Events in the Union Chapell/London
Recording session backing Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
2020: exhibition and concert at “miso” on the occasion of the release of “F.S.Blumm – In Sight” (sonic pieces)
Release “Ansgar Wilken and F.S.Blumm – Live at Zwitschermaschine”
2021: Fourth LP in duo with Nils Frahm (“2×1=4”)
Guest at various German music festivals with the ‘Gedächtnisorchester’
Nineteenth short-radio-play for “Wurfsendung” (DLR-Kutur) : “Traumberuf Gegenwart” with Anne Will and Lars Rudolph

Photo by Orange Ear